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Bryan Krasner was raised in Peoria, Illinois where he took the term, "Will it play in Peoria?" to heart. If he wasn't playing football or baseball, Bryan was on stage performing in this Midwestern city known for its great Vaudeville history. He has performed in everything from Chekhov to Neil Simon and has sung in works ranging from Sondheim to Mozart.

Bryan has recently guest starred on "Heroes" and "Without a Trace" and co-starred on "My Name is Earl" and "Back to You." His film credits include leading roles in the Warner Brothers feature "Alien Raiders," which won Best Sci-Fi Feature at Shockerfest, and "Scream of the Bikini," which won multiple awards, including Best Comedy, at ThrillSpy Film Fest.

Bryan is a member of the award-winning Sacred Fools theater company, where he recently performed in "The Magic Bullet Theory," "Savin' Up for Saturday Night," and the critically acclaimed "Beaverquest!" and "Forbidden Zone," which includes original music by Danny Elfman and Oingo Boingo. Bryan is also a regular performer in the Sacred Fools late night comedy hit "Serial Killers" and appeared in "The God of Hell" at The Geffen Playhouse.

Praise for Bryan Krasner:

"Mafia goomba Louie (Bryan Krasner, hilarious) is witness the botched job in Mascagni-accompanied slow-mo." - LA TIMES, on "The Magic Bullet Theory"

"Bryan Krasner's rendition of the Yiddish Theater classic 'Giter Brider Itzik' is a standout." - LA WEEKLY, on "Forbidden Zone"

"Krasner is charming and hilarious, imbued with clockwork-precise comic timing and an operatic voice. " BACKSTAGE WEST, on "Beaverquest"

"And the wonderful two-guy schtick which demonstrates faces of 'tragedy' was done in 'slow-motion' by Bryan Krasner (who plays remarkably like the iconic Zero Mostel) and K.J. Middlebrooks." -, on "The Magic Bullet Theory"

Roles on "How I Met Your Mother," "Ironside," "Modern Family," "Rizzoli & Isles," "Law & Order: L.A.," "Heroes," and "Without a Trace."

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