Rick Overton


As a 40 year comedy vet, Rick Overton has starred in numerous HBO and Showtime specials and has had countless TV standup appearances. He played The Drake on "Seinfeld" and Pam's Dad on "The Office." He currently recurs on Adult Swim's "Children's Hospital," ABC's "Last Man Standing," TNT's "Leverage" and recently guest starred on "The League," "The Middle," "The Kroll Show," and "Newsreaders." Rick has also guested on classic TV series like "Lost," "E.R.," "Mad About You" and "Married with Children." On the big screen, he has worked with A-list directors like Ron Howard, Chris Columbus, Harold Ramis, Jay Roach, and Steven Soderberg, with roles in films like "Bad Teacher," "The Informant," "Dinner for Schmucks," "Cloverfield," "Groundhog Day," "Mrs. Doubtfire," and "Willow." He also has an Emmy Award for writing on HBO's "Dennis Miller Live." Rick is currently a semi-regular contributor to the Huffington Post and hosts a popular podcast called "Overview" that is available on iTunes.

Recurring roles on "The Office" (as Pam's Dad), "Children's Hospital," "Last Man Standing," and "Leverage." Guest star roles on "The League," "The Middle," "Kroll Show," and "Newsreaders." Emmy Award-winning writer for HBO's "Dennis Miller Live." Hosts the popular podcast "Overview" on iTunes.

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