Jenna Johnson


Jenna Johnson grew up in Jacksonville, Oregon, population 2,500. There, people enjoy dressing up in pioneer garb, having parades with covered wagons, and panning for gold in nearby streams (this is real). She got involved in musical theater at the age of 7, with her first role as "Peasant/Rat" in a production of The Pied Piper. And, well, the rest is history. From there, Jenna went on to write Christmas shows that she would force her entire extended family to watch, designating parts for her brother and cousins who were far less thrilled to be a part of the plays than she was. In high school, Jenna tried to split her time between theater, music, basketball, and tennis, but was told she had to choose. The next week, she didn't show up for basketball tryouts and auditioned for her high school's production of Little Shop of Horrors, where she was cast as a doo-wop girl. And, well, the rest is...more history.

Jenna graduated from Southern Oregon University with a B.A. in theatre. Rather than join a commune and name her children after fruit, she hit the road for Los Angeles. Fast forward three years to Jenna co-creating, writing, producing, and starring in her own web series This Is Why I'm Single. She just recently joined The Groundlings bandwagon and is thrilled to be studying at the home of so many of her comedy heroes. Most of her free time is spent writing, shooting sketches, singing, and composing music. Did we mention she plays three instruments and is a trained soprano vocalist? Well, she does...and she is.

Creator/series regular on "This is Why I'm Single."

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