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MIKE GAFFNEY grew up in a tough New Jersey neighborhood where he quickly learned that he needed to get tough or get funny...He's not that tough but Mike Gaffney is very funny. Mike's style of comedy is very conversational discussing day to day life not only as a single dad but as a friend, son, uncle and all around good guy. Wherever Mike performs, whether it be in a New York City comedy club or a town fundraiser, Mike wins audience's love and respect with his personal take on life and fatherhood. People all over, find Mike very relate-able and likable. His high energy and quick wit keep audiences engaged and entertained the entire time.

Mike took to the stage at 32 which is a little older than most. He spent a few years grinding it out before taking a break. In 2009, Mike decided that his love for comedy was too strong, so he hit the stage full speed ahead and hasn't slowed down since. Mike works regularly at most clubs in NYC as well as comedy clubs up and down the east coast. You can hear Mike on his weekly podcast The Disgruntle Dad.

Mike was a semi-finalist on NBC's Last Comic Standing. Executive Producer Wanda Sykes was so impressed with Mike, she used his clip to promote Last Comic Standing on Ellen and The View. He has appeared on The Artie Lange Show, has two appearances on Gotham Comedy Live as well as The Best of Gotham Comedy Live AXS TV, and 30 Rock NBC. He has rave reviews in both the Examiner and Reality Rewind.

Whether he is talking about being a single father, or clean living; his show appeals to audiences of all ages.

Watch for Mike's soon to be released CD on www.RoofTopComedy.com My Kids Need You To Buy This...

"This guy is so good! His delivery is amazing and his jokes were excellent. He told his life and I loved hearing about it and he was spot-on! Keenan said he loved it and it was a great set. Russell said it was a great set and he has a fresh take on raising them. Roseanne said he was getting pissed off and she was relating and she loved it." -Todd Betzold.

First CD "My Kids Need You to Buy This..." on Rooftop released.
Mike was a semi-finalist on NBC's "Last Comic Standing." Executive Producer Wanda Sykes was so impressed with Mike that she used his clip to promote "Last Comic Standing" on "Ellen" and "The View." He has appeared on "The Artie Lange Show," two appearances on "Gotham Comedy Live" as well as "The Best of Gotham Comedy Live," and "30 Rock." Watch for Mike's soon to be released CD on RoofTopComedy.com "My Kids Need You To Buy This..."

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